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Golden Age Aviation, Inc.

Earl C. Downs, President


Aviation Writing


Earl Downs has 27 years of experience in numerous areas of aviation writing. This includes writing for nationally published magazines, co-authoring the book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sport Flying, writing news releases, technical editing, and publishing his own regional aviation periodical newspaper.


Your Publication

Earl Downs has written hundreds of articles for national magazines such as AOPA Flight Training and the various publications produced by the Experimental Aircraft Association. His articles have covered such topics as FAA regulations, pilot skills, aircraft reviews, aviation history, the aviation business, and many more. If it’s an aviation topic you’re looking for, Earl Downs can provide it.


He has also provided various publications with technical editing services. In this function he carefully reads the articles and make suggestions to make sure that they are technically accurate.



If your aviation club or association wants a top-notch newsletter, just send the basics to Earl and he will created it. Better yet, Golden Age Aviation, Inc. can make your newsletter letter available on the Internet by publishing it in a special section of our website.


Ad Copy

Just because you produce an aviation product or offer an aviation service, it doesn’t mean that you’re an expert in getting the word out about what you have to offer. Earl Downs published his own regional newspaper for number of years, which included writing ad copy for many of his advertisers. He listens to what you say and then puts it into words that will place your product in the best light. He also has experience performing customer and vendor interviews for the purpose of providing testimonials regarding your product.


Press Releases

A press release can make your best first impression, but writing press releases is an art form. A press release is designed to introduce or advocate your service or product, but it has to be written so that it communicates to the customer or news services. All too often press releases are long on detail but miss the customer’s viewpoint.



You can’t be an expert at everything, and aviation news reporting is a classic example of this. Earl Downs can quickly turn the report of an aviation event into something that is accurate and understandable to the audience. Earl Downs has experience writing news copy and scripts in all areas of aviation and aerospace activities. He also has experience in interviewing original sources to obtain the real story. Turn to Golden Age Aviation, Inc. for accuracy in your aviation and aerospace reporting.



Fees for these services are variable and are quoted based on the amount of research and writing required.

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