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Golden Age Aviation, Inc.

Earl C Downs, President


Consulting (AKA - Can we talk?)


There are so many facets to aviation it is sometimes hard to know where to go to get answers to questions, or for that matter, even to know what questions you need to ask. For us at Golden Age Aviation, Inc., we love it when the first question we hear is; can we talk?


Sometimes the term consulting is a bit intimidating and sounds expensive, but in actuality it all starts with a simple conversation. We welcome calls from anyone having a question regarding the realm of aviation. Often, we can answer a question with a brief phone call, or we can direct your question to a source that can provide the answers you’re looking for. However, if the questions you’re after or the advice you need goes beyond what can be handled on the telephone, we are here to serve you in a consulting format.


Here are a few examples of consulting services we can provide:


Those Pesky Regulations

We can provide a complete rundown of pilot training rules, regulations, and procedures for all pilot certificate levels ranging from ultralight flying (no pilot certificate) to airline transport pilot. Consultations on these subjects usually only take an hour or two.

Owning an Aircraft

If you’re thinking of buying an airplane or participating in a flying club where you become part owner, there is a lot to know. Over the years, we’ve talked to numerous people about making the right choice for the right airplane for what they intend to use it for. However, airplane ownership is more than the right choice; it also includes understanding the expenses involved, the rules for maintenance, and continued airworthiness requirements.


Going Experimental? 

If it’s an experimental amateur-built airplane you’re considering purchasing or building, we have had a lot of experience in helping people make the right decisions based on having the right kind of information. Did you know there are 8 certification categories for experimental aircraft? If you’re buying an already-built experimental aircraft, do you understand its operating limitations and how they apply to your operation of the aircraft? We specialize in this subject area and can even present informational forums to a group of people who are interested in this subject.


Fixing It 

Our on-staff A&P mechanic can address the technical issues that involve such things as aircraft modifications, aircraft certification, aircraft documentation, and aircraft maintenance issues that relate to aircraft airworthiness.

Airport Business Operation

And then there’s the side of aviation that never gets off the ground. Golden Age Aviation, Inc. got its start in 1991 as a full service fixed base operation (FBO) located in Cushing, Oklahoma. We learned a lot about the on-the-ground business side of aviation and issues that involve airport management. Our operation included fuel service, maintenance, flight training, and aircraft storage. We also worked with the airport sponsor in the management of hangar lease administration and the FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP). It was a case of on-the-job training for us that gives us the knowledge to help you smooth the path to successful aviation ground service management.


Can We Talk? 

Whether you need a few words of advice in a single phone call (at no charge) or a more informational consulting service, we are here to serve you.


The rates for consulting vary dependent on the subject and complexity of the issue. We charge as little as $25 per hour for consulting that is simply tailored ground training, and fees for more complex consulting services are negotiated.

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