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Earl C. Downs, President

Pilot Training Information Form

You Decide!

Your flight training can be more productive if you’ve had time to think about what type of training you are looking for and have communicated that to us. That’s why we have come up with what we call the Pilot Training Menu. Complete this form as best you can to let us know what type of training you’re interested in. There are so many variables in pilot training that it’s impossible to provide a complete list, but our menu might help you get your thoughts in order, and it will help us in preparing a training program for you that is efficient, productive, and cost effective.

FAR 61.56 Flight Review - More Info

LOC Prevention Training

Loss of control prevention training is divided into three phases. These phases include maneuvers, takeoff and landings, and emergencies.  - More Info

Flight Training Information form

Privacy: Any information you provide, including your contact information, goes directly to the email of Golden age Aviation, Inc. President, Earl C. Downs. This information will not result in marketing contacts from Golden Age Aviation, Inc., or anyone else.

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