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DPE, Earl Downs, Grounded for Maintenance




I know you have all heard of something called "Time Between Overhaul" (TBO). It’s a recommended time by aircraft engine manufacturers of when the engine should be torn down and rebuilt again.


One aviation pundit (My twin brother) once explained to me that the human body TBO is about age 50, and after that, it’s all repair and replacement (He refers to me as his "Spare Parts Source"). Well, I left age 50 in the dust quite a while back and my vision is long past needing a good overall. A number of years ago I suffered injury to the corneas of both my eyes. I have been able to nurse it along, but now it’s time to have some major repair work performed.


Unfortunately, this means that I’m going to shut down as a Designated Pilot Examiner from the end of October this year until what I expect to be well into December. I’m working with a great team of doctors that have me convinced I’ll be back with vision that will allow me to easily read the fine print on a Garmin 1000.


However, if you have any questions regarding pilot testing, please feel free to CONTACT ME. I may be temporarily grounded, but I’m not out of service.


Check back with this link every now and again, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress and when I expect to be back in the DPE business again.


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