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Golden Age Aviation, Inc.

Earl C. Downs, President



Mission Statement


Earl Downs wants to share his more than 55 years of general aviation training experience by combining pilot skills of the past with today’s FAA minimum pilot training standards. Our mission is to accomplish this training in your own FAA type-certificated aircraft (both tricycle and taildragger configuration), or amateur-built experimental aircraft, which allows what Earl teaches to be immediately applied to the pilot’s normal flying routine.


We train pilots to be not only safer, but to also be exceptionally skilled and confident in their abilities to operate their aircraft as they travel from the hangar and back again. We build on the FAA minimum performance standards by applying history proven training techniques and maneuvers to create a new and stronger pilot skill foundation. We use this new foundation to address today’s concerns over the increased rate of loss of control accidents.


It’s often been said that when you receive your pilot certificate, you should look at it as a “license to learn.” Golden Age Aviation, Inc. is here to make that happen … We teach what you did not learn.

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