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Homebuilt Zenith CH 601XL-B. The perfect airplane for you.

My name is Earl Downs, and I am selling my Zenith Zodiac 601XL-B. Is this the perfect airplane for you? That’s a very important question.

Here’s the short story. This airplane is sport pilot eligible, and I completed building it about 10 years ago. I planned that my wife and I would skitter around the countryside in this little two-seater. It has a useful load of 528 pounds and, if you fill it with thirty gallons of gas, it still has a payload of 348 pounds. That’s not bad for a light sport airplane.

Unfortunately, shortly after finishing the airplane my wife developed neurological problems that affected her balance and made it impossible for her to enjoy flying in a small airplane. I did use the plane, but not often. I also flew it to EAA AirVenture in 2018. I’ve performed transition training in it, but the insurance cost of commercial use has become prohibitive. The bottom line, it only has about 200 hours total time on it. Now, I am so busy as a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) that I simply am not putting the airplane to use, and it’s time to move on.

Before you even consider buying somebody else’s homebuilt airplane, I urge you to read an article I wrote several years ago for the EAA magazine. Click this PDF link to read the article

What’s the price? That’s another very good question. However, the real question should be; what’s it worth to you? I have about $42K in this Jabiru 3300 engine-powered airplane, but I know you never get 100% recovery when selling a home-built airplane. I’m asking $35K and I’m just going to see how it turns out. I built it for the purpose of recreational flying, so it is lightweight and simple. It has a steam-gauge instrument panel and a good little com radio, but it does not have a transponder or ADSB-out. It does have a neat TruTrak autopilot.

To sweeten the deal, I am offering the airplane with a lot of goodies, and here’s a list of some things for you to consider.


Includes iFly 520 hand-held GPS that ties into the autopilot for NAV tracking
Pilot operating handbook (a link is posted below to let you see the POH) )
3 hours flight training by me… Flight Review included.
Two days of maintenance training by me (I’m an A&P)… Includes a fresh Annual.

Canopy Cover
All original Zenith documents.
All FAA documentation.
All Zenith building instructions.
All Zenith modification documentation.
All Zenith service bulletins.
A detailed record of all phase 1 flight testing
All maintenance performed is recorded in logbooks. 
Jabiru 3300 e
ngine installation manual.
Jabiru 3300 engine overhaul manual

Bing carburetor overhaul manual.

A complete wiring diagram.

A complete record of paint and mixtures.

Builders Log.
Detailed records of all non-Zenith components Including:
   Wheels and brakes
   Radios and antenna
   XP power bus
   Engine filters
   And much more!

If you’re interested, give me a call, text, or email.

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Earl's Airplane.jpg

Read the POH