Loss of control (LOC) awareness and prevention is on the NTSB's 10 most wanted list. Golden Age Aviation, Inc. says improving piloting skills could be the answer.

What’s Up With LOC

Pilot Checkrides

Take your practical test at Cushing Regional Airport (CUH

  • Sport pilot

  • Private pilot

  • Commercial Pilot

  • Instrument Rating 

  • Flight Instructor

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Pilot practical test by Earl Downs - Info & test scheduling

Drone Pilot RPE

Remote pilot certificates processed - Info


Could buying an already completed home-built aircraft be the right choice for you?  Find out more about the details of owning an experimental amateur-built airplane.

Sport Pilot and Man on the Moon!

The story of the sport pilot rules. Check out our Up With Downs topic.  Yes, understanding regulations can be fun - Really!


"We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever aroused curiosity."

Orville  Wright, 1901


Sport Pilot, Private pilot, Commercial pilot, Instrument Rating

CFI Initial/CFII Add-on and Other certificates and ratings testing is also available 

Practical Exams

COVID-19 Precautions

These precautions must be reviewed prior to scheduling any checkride   Click here




Try Again?


Oh No!

Checkride Foibles

Earl Downs lets you learn from challenges checkride applicants have faced.

I Passed!!

I Failed?

Earl Downs receives Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award                 More Info

Golden Age Aviation, Inc.

Zenith Zodiac Test Flight and Transition Training

Provided by flight instructor Earl C. Downs; the builder of this beautiful CH 601XL-B

First flight preparation training includes ground training regarding flight test procedures. Transition training includes complete review of downline ownership continued airworthiness issues. Learn about owning an experimental amateur-built aircraft.

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