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Golden Age Aviation, Inc.

Earl C. Downs, President


Flight Training


Our goal at Golden Age Aviation, Inc. is to offer flight training that will upgrade and/or refresh your piloting skills. Tell us what you want and we’ll get it done, or take a look at some of our outlined flight training courses. All flight training will always involve preflight and post flight ground training to support the flight training.


Loss of Control Prevention Training


Loss of control (LOC) prevention flight training is performed in three phases. We don’t rule out doing it all at one time, but it would be a long day. We recommend that LOC training be performed in the order presented here, but it’s not mandatory.


LOC Prevention Maneuvers - estimated three hours total ground/flight


This is the training that takes place at altitude and covers the type of maneuvering that can lead to loss of control accidents if performed at low altitude. We do this in your own airplane, but at no time do we exceed any of the aircraft’s certificated performance limits. You will be learning maneuvers that are not included in an FAA practical examination. There’s a good chance you’ll be surprised at how much your aircraft is able to do, and you’ll gain confidence in knowing the limits of your airplane and yourself.


Takeoff and Landing - estimated three hours total ground/flight


This training takes place at altitude and at the airport. We start off at altitude to learn procedures and limits of the airplane as they would apply to a takeoff, landing, and go around scenarios. Once you feel comfortable at altitude, we’ll head for the airport and try it out for real. You’ll learn to establish a stabilized approach and descent procedures that will keep you out of trouble, and actions you can take that will get you out of trouble. We’ll develop personal limits and procedures tailored to you and your airplane. Once again, we don’t ever exceed any performance limits of your airplane.


Engine Failure Forced Landings - estimated three hours total ground/flight


There’s no such thing as an engine failure occurring at a good time or place, so our training is based on emergency situations near the ground and at altitude. This training helps you develop simple procedures that can be applied in various emergency situations. A key part of surviving an emergency landing starts with planning before takeoff and applying risk management skills. Once again, this training is performed in your airplane in such a manner that safety is never in doubt. Rates      More about LOC    


Flight Review


According to FAR 61.56, a flight review must include at least one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training. Let’s emphasize the word, TRAINING; a flight review is not a check ride or a test. At Golden Age Aviation, Inc. we start the flight review before you get here by sending you to study information and a questionnaire form that allows you to tell us what you want to cover. We work with you to achieve training that you think will be the best for your personal situation. In the process, we’ll show you a few new things, and we will update you on important rules and regulations.    Read more about the flight review    Rates

Taildragger Training - whatever time it takes at regular instruction rates


If you have a taildragger and need initial training or tune-up training, Golden Age Aviation, Inc. can help you out. Earl Downs has thousands of taildragger hours flying experience, and much of this is accounted for through instructional flight. Learning to be proficient in a taildragger is exciting and fun, and you’ll learn taildragger techniques that can improve your tricycle-gear airplanes skills. However, Earl adds this warning, “I require you take an oath to never tell anyone that taildragger flying is actually not all that hard. Never let a tricycle gear pilot know the truth…it ruins our image.” Rates


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Piloting Skills - estimated two hours ground/flight


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh is the greatest aviation event in the world, and one of the greatest experiences you can have while flying your own airplane is to fly into Wittman Regional Airport to attend the event. However, flying into AirVenture can be an adventure in itself, and we at Golden Age Aviation, Inc. can help you prepare for it. Earl Downs provides a special training program to prepare pilots for using the event NOTAM, and for becoming proficient in the pilot skills that will make the trip to AirVenture fun. At EAA AirVenture, landing “on the spot” has a literal meaning. Just a little training will give you the confidence you need to enjoy your arrival at Oshkosh. Rates


Practical Test Preparation - estimated 2 to 3 hours ground/flight (if flight is requested)


Taking the practical test (Checkride) for an airman certificate or additional rating can lead to a case of “pretest jitters.” Earl Downs and his brother Ed Downs say they welcome the opportunity to work with test applicants and flight instructors to help prepare students for the checkride. Ed Downs specializes in working with test applicants to go over ‘Area of Operation I’, which is often referred to as the “oral examination.” Ed is also available to check the applicant’s performance in the airplane if desired.



Cash, check, Credit cards (A credit card fee apply in some cases)


Flight instruction engine start to stop -$60 per hour


Pre-flight and post-flight briefing - $30 per hour


Flight review - $150 flat rate (one-hour ground training/one-hour flight training. Time over this is charged regular instruction rates) 


Travel costs to your location - negotiable

Flight review
LOC Prevention
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